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This two are not actual, CAPCTHA was changed in corresponding sites

  • Kyivstar
  • UMC

What’s this?

This is one of our OCR systems online demo, the Overture bidding tool CAPTCHA OCR. The idea is to auto-recognize the CAPTCHA images, which does not allow to perform automated search at Overture.

Please note, that this script recognizes Overture bidding tool CAPTCHA images only! Because this one script devoted to this one CAPTCHA. We write new tool for every new CAPTCHA. Online demo is for Overture.

I hope, there is no need to explain, that we have watching tool and any attempt to use this page as a a part of hacking tool will be examined and restricted?

Why not 100% of images are recognized correctly? Because we never set the task to reach 100%. So 99% is enough. If the task is to overcome the CAPTCHA 5% is often enough. This just means that you would have to request page approximately 20 times instead of one. Does it really matter to a script working automately?

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