4/5 (1)

One more mobile operator – Jeans. Guys who made this CAPCTHA was inspired by Rapidshare CAPTCHA. But they don’t trace it’s changing – such model was hacked very quickly. Due to color model separating to chars is very easy. Then neural network makes the rest.

version 1.2

3/5 (1)

Here is new stable and good version of tEABAG_3D. It’s rewritten in PHP5, and works ONLY WITH PHP5. It’s now completely OOP well-made, must be much easier to implement and use. Image if live, it will change with each refresh. As it was promised, all buyers of previous versions can get it for free. Contact us.

UMC (ver 0.2)

3/5 (1)

New version of UMC CAPTCHA is much better then previous (see demo). Char overlapping is great. BUT – it’s random there, so, sometimes there is no overlaping at all. And, of course, the char color. Thank you very much for making overlapped chars with different colors. Due to this feature overlapping means nothing, and gives no additional obfuscation. Must say that readability went down – it’s now not too easy to read it correctly. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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