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It is a small part of the internet that is disappearing. Google announced that CAPTCHA as we knew it today was going to be replaced by an invisible CAPTCHA. You don’t have to re-enter unreadable or incomprehensible bits of text, click on a button, or find the right animals, or find the right scales to prove you’re not a robot and get to the right page. Instead, Google will simply rely on how you navigate, explains the web giant in a blog post. Read more about how to beat captcha.

“Human users will be able to pass by without seeing the small box “I am not a robot” while suspicious users and bots will have to solve challenges.”

If you have spent a little time on the internet since the early 2010’s, you have necessarily seen these little boxes on which we sometimes spend a lot more time than expected trying to decipher. Captcha was also used briefly in online casinos too but quickly was removed because it made the players frustrated to fill captcha on every login. See here how today online casinos secured their platforms and users, and how much has improved since 2010, mostly the French gambling platforms.

CAPTCHA, her first version was born in the early 2000s, at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States. At the time, Mental Floss explains, the team led by Luis von Ahn “wanted to find a way to eliminate the huge armies of spambots who were posing as normal users.” Together, they designed a program that shows on the screen distorted text, that a computer is unable to be free, but that a human can easily decipher (well, normally).

“All a human had to do was type that text in a box, and they could continue their navigation.”

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